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Hi Image Internet Services provides a customized Email service to achieve maximum email deliverability and response, without sacrificing flexibility or performance. We management, authentication and report on addresses, and Email content responses, to help you produce more effective message content, improve deliverability and avoid reputation and performance decline.

You have this great list of Email addresses that you wish to write to; to inform, market to, to communicate with, or just provide a message to.
Sounds easy, but it is not!
We have the answers to the following 20 questions?.

1. Will your Email program handle the number of mails you wish to send?

2. Will your internet ISP's allow you to send so many Emails?

3. Will your web server allow you to send so many Emails?

4. Which Email addresses are still alive, and which have died?

5. Can you and should you use Email as a broadcast medium?

6. What is the right number or frequency of Emails to send?

5. What should the content be, and how should it be written?

6. Do you have permission to write to the Email addresses, and how do you get that?

7. How often do you need permission to write?

8. What do you do with the responses you get?

9. How do you arrange your lists?

10. Should you break your list into different groupings?

11. How to delete unresponsive Emails.

12. How do you find your Email clients requirements?

13. How do you gage when your Email clients are tired of you?

14. How do you build trust in your company / product?

15. How do you authenticate your mails? Policies, Domain authentication, ISP anti-spam, server anti-spam. Combating spam, spoofing, identity theft.

16. How do you send in such a way as to not risk your ISP / domain?

17. What are your Email clients thinking following a campaign?

18. How should you respond to your Email clients?

19. How do you combat the possibility of your mail being spam?

20. Do you know the answers to all the above?

If not, then get in contact with us.
We have the programs, (several required), the server, and ideas to help you succeed in your Email messaging and marketing endeavour.

Hi Image Internet Services gives you the ability to communicate effectively with your customers and quickly respond to their needs.

Oh! And what does it cost? Not as much as you think, and certainly much less than your time.

Contact us to discuss your project or ideas, and when we both agree on design and performance parameters, we will provide you with a no obligation quote.

So contact us and we will show you what we can do for you and give you exceptional value for your money. To speak with the representative call +614 0682 6268 or
Skype : hiimage
Fax : +1 831 308 7325

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